Thursday, October 15, 2009

Phone calls from the Easter Bunny

So I got the most surprising phone call. I mean, it was like having the Easter Bunny or the Lucky Charms leprechaun or the Tooth Fairy ringing me up to chat.

I got a call from (pause for suspense) the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Clinic at Harborview Medical.

Really, hearing from the Tooth Fairy would have surprised me less. Because, you know, I figured there's a slim chance that the Tooth Fairy might actually exist. Whereas I was certain that the CFS clinic was a myth handed down from doctor to doctor, perhaps embellished in stories over campfires at Doctor Camp or whatever.

Because, you know, I only sent all the paperwork and patient information to them in May 2008. You know, only seventeen months ago.

Of course, the CFS clinic doesn't actually treat CFS. They just tell you to exercise and send you to therapy so you feel better about being sick for the rest of your life. So no big loss on my part.

In any case, I was very polite to the woman on the phone. I said that I had found a doctor with whom I was working, and they could remove me from their waiting list.

Then I called Nick and we made very rude jokes about the clinic for about five minutes.


  1. I'm very glad you and Nick have each other. I hope he is feeling well these days.

  2. Where else would I have the ability to grasp that sort of information written in such a perfect methodology ? 0800