Monday, April 12, 2010

A new and improved pain chart!

If you've ever been to the doctor because you're in pain, you have probably been asked to state your pain level on a scale of 1 - 10. The doctor usually says something terribly helpful like "ten is the worst pain you could possibly imagine."

Really? Because my imagination is REALLY PRETTY GOOD. Because of this, I've discovered that I tend to under-report my pain level. I figure that if 10 is something like being flayed in a pot of boiling oil while being burned at the stake while a pear of anguish is slowly opened, well, then my horrible back pain is probably something like a 5. Because I've read about the Spanish Inquisition and watched a lot of horror movies and so I can think of some really sick stuff.

So the pain chart has long been a source of humor in our house. Which is why I am so very pleased to present...

A new and improved pain chart! (Click it! It's funny! And awesome! And awesomely funny!)

I want the author to be my new bestest friend in the whole wide world. Because she is funny and will make me laugh.


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  3. Hi! I found your blog while looking for vegan ice cream recipes. Just have to say;
    1. Hope you are better soon
    2. My 23-year-old daughter was in the hospital with abdominal pain. The docs kept asking her to rate her pain and she would say "7" and so they would ignore her. Finally we said "Say 11!!!" and she finally got help. Turned out to be a twisted tubal cyst and from talking to others who have suffered through one, it has been described to me as "the worst pain - worse than childbirth!" Like you I think my daughter just assumed she save "10" for death!!
    I've sent the new pain scale to her... I'm sure she'll be able to relate!

  4. I found your vegan ice cream page and have enjoyed it immensely. Great recipes. Then I saw the link to this page and was really sorry to discover you are dealing with this Lyme nightmare. I just wanted to tell you that I wish you the very best - I'm sending you good energy, for what it's worth. Can't be bad to send some your way and i hope it helps, in whatever way that it might. I had a friend in Maine with complications from Lyme who had the similar run around with attempted diagnosis - it took years to diagnose and there are a host of other problems related. I know this is serious stuff and just wish you the very best, knowing you've got some tough days to deal with.

    Hope to see you leafleting one of these days. With a vegan ice cream cone in hand.

    Keep the peace, and wellness be with you.


    jamie d.

  5. Hey there, couple months with no posts, I hope that means good things for you. Definitely enjoyed this blog and the new and improved pain chart.

  6. Hi there!

    I too came from the vegan ice cream blog and think I injured myself from laughing so hard over the new pain chart:) Thank you sooo much for sharing that! I laughed so hard, because I also am dealing with serious health issues- a rare auto-immune disorder that was hard to diagnose. Hang in there- find others in your same boat (support group)and know that me & others are praying for you. Smiles and hugs & take care


  7. Where are you? Where have you gone? Are you cured? Have you given up? It's been months! Please let me know!

  8. Haven't seen a new post in a long time. How are you?

  9. I'm a vegan and I found your blog, and now I'm concerned!
    You haven't had a new post in over a year, are you okay?!

    -Much love

  10. Hi
    I've been looking on both your blogs every now and then and am wondering how you are and hoping you are a lot better. If you can get chance please let us all know how you are.
    Take care.

  11. Maybe if you ate a healthier diet, you wouldnt be so sick?

    Just a suggestion...

  12. Dear Anonymous of Dec. 22: Since you know me so well, perhaps you could tell me exactly what modifications I should make to my diet. I would love to hear what you, an anonymous Internet troll, would have to suggest. I am sure it would be very educational and valuable.

  13. Hi,

    I have a quick question about your blog, would you mind emailing me when you get a chance?




  14. Cameron - Feel free to ask your question here in the comments. I wonder if someone has hijacked your internet ID, or if you're a spambot, because when I googled your user name, I found this exact question on quite a few other blogs. So please ask away here, and if I'm convinced you're the real you and not a spammer, I'll email you back.