Sunday, June 7, 2009

The four o'clocks

My current stop on the Wheel of Symptoms includes what I call "the four o'clocks." Because every day, sometime between four and six, but usually right around four in the afternoon, I crash.

Like, crash hard. I get dizzy, vaguely nauseated, and so sluggish I can barely move. It's nearly impossible to stay upright and awake. But if I take a nap--even a short nap--I wake up feeling worse than before. I'm not sleepy anymore, but my head hurts and I feel like I've been wrapped in heavy, wet blankets and left to steam in a locked car.

I've no clue what causes the four o'clocks, unless my cats are slipping me a roofie every day so they can get into trouble without me knowing. There's no predictable pattern. It doesn't matter what or when I eat, which medications I've taken, when I got up in the morning, how I slept the night before. Maybe my cats are drugging me. They're fairly crafty.

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  1. I had/have (no longer have symptoms, but it never really goes away) West Nile about 4 years ago and I had similiar symptoms. I'd feel fine in the morning, but it would get progressively worse throughout the day. Also, I would ache excruciatingly and the only thing that would help would be lying out in the sun, but then that would make me nauseious.

    Maybe you should set up a video camera to see what you're cat are up to while you're napping. haha

    Seriously, I really hope you feel better soon!