Friday, July 31, 2009

I stink.

No, really. I stink. Like, literally. I smell bad.

The last few days in Seattle have been brutally hot. (Today it cooled off, which has greatly improved my mood.) We broke our all-time high on Wednesday and hit 103 degrees Fahrenheit. Mind you, most homes and many businesses do not have air conditioning, and our buildings are designed for a climate of rain, not one of blistering heat. So it got hot. Like, really hot. And if anyone wants to tell me that it wasn't that hot because it gets hotter elsewhere, you can suck it. I lived through an Arizona summer with a broken swamp cooler, so I know me some hot.

Anyway. It was hot. And I was sweating.

The worst thing about metronidazole is the smell. The pill has a foul taste, but I put it inside an empty capsule, so that's not so bad. But it smells. And it makes all of your body fluids smell. Including your sweat.

My bedroom smelled like locker room/sick room combo. I was showering at least three times a day, so my towels started stinking after a day. Even the shower stall started to harbor the faintest hint of metronidazole stink. Perhaps undetectable to the untrained nose, but once you've lived with the metro-stink for a few months, you'll recognize it anywhere and at the smallest concentrations. (Don't even get me started on how difficult it is to scrub the smell out of the toilet bowl. Right. It's disgusting.)

This, naturally, made me very cranky. I also broke out in hives due to heat rash. And I got sunburned (in the shade!), which made the rash worse.

All in all? Yuck.

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