Sunday, October 26, 2008

Does not follow directions

So I've got this giant pill box, with four slots for each day of the week. On Sunday I fill up the whole box so I don't have to figure out what I'm supposed to take at any given time. I can just open the box and dump the handful of pills into my mouth and wash them down with vodka water.

This system works really well...if you fill the boxes appropriately. Last Sunday I was filling the giant pill box and ran out of one of my meds on the "Tuesday AM" box. So I get it refilled at Walgreen's later in the week and pick it up and everything would be just dandy if I'd remembered to put the medication back into the giant box.

So from Tuesday or Wednesday--I can't really remember--I was missing one of my medications. At the same time as I'm going through a nasty die-off cycle. Is it any wonder I've been feeling like a particularly sun-baked piece of roadkill?

Anyway, yesterday I realized what had happened and am back on all of my medications. I still feel pretty awful, but today is slightly less horrible than yesterday. This, I hope, is progress.

In completely unrelated news, I cast my vote for Obama yesterday and mailed off my ballot. Have you voted yet? More importantly, have you voted FOR OBAMA?

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