Thursday, March 5, 2009

I. Hate. My. Insurance. Company.

Reasons why I hate my insurance company, a random selection:

1) Bicillin. Denied. Thanks, because I totally have over $500 to spend each month on one drug.

2) Levaquin. Denied. Again, thanks. You suck. So I'm turning to our lovely neighbors to the north and getting my Levaquin from Canada. Still, it's over $100/month.

3) You have not processed my last three claims from my LLMD. One of them was from November. That's, like, a long time ago, ya know? And as for my January and February claims? You say to mail them to some mysterious address other than the one printed on the claim form? What? Do you even exist? Am I talking to some random dialogue generator, formed from the collective notes of absurdist playwrights? Or do your operators sit around huffing paint thinner all day long?

1 comment:

  1. This is why the health care system in the US needs to be reformed and changed as soon as possible. I am deeply sorry for you and angry with how can somebody create a system in which you are denied help. Lets hope Mr. Obama will change this soon so millions of people can finally live up to their needs.

    Take care and good luck, Elli