Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Horse pills

Today I was at Ballard Plaza Pharmacy to pick up Bean's medication. It has to be compounded to get the proper cat-sized dosing, which is why I get it at the specialty pharmacy instead of the vet's office.

I was still in need of empty capsules into which I could shove the horribly bitter antibiotic pills. I purchased the largest capsules available at Whole Foods yesterday, but they weren't big enough.

So at Ballard Plaza Pharmacy, I explained my situation and asked if they could sell me some capsules that could accommodate my pills. They took my pills and went into the back. Eventually, the pharmacy assistant came out and explained that the 00-size capsules weren't quite big enough, so they had to move up a size. OK, fine, whatever, just as long as I get something, right?

He holds up the jar. The capsules looked large, but manageable. "I wanted to show them to you first to make sure you could swallow them. We normally use these for horses."


  1. Why non write the book?

    We've had "My Life as a Dog" (rent the movie).

    Why not "My Life as a Horse?"

    :-) Laughter is the Best Medicine.