Monday, December 1, 2008

New antibiotics, Day 2

Last night I couldn't sleep. Actually, I fell asleep quite readily, but then woke at 2:45. This has been a problem for some time. One dose of clonazapam will not help me sleep through the night any longer. Yet any more than one dose (which, for me, is 0.5 mg) will cause me to be sedated and hungover the next morning.

So at 2:45, I took some Suntheanine, which sometimes helps me get back to sleep. No dice. So I went downstairs to the couch, where I could obtain a Percy cat, who I like to refer to as my Percivalium--for no mortal can stay awake with a purring Percy on her chest. Or so I had thought.

My brain was drowsy, but the die-off reaction from the new antibiotic was keeping me awake. As with the previous die-off, there is a great deal of "pain" in my legs. I use the quotation marks because it isn't exactly painful. It feels as if the marrow of my bones has been replaced by something very cold, so cold it burns.

I don't know if the pain is actually coming from nerves in my legs or if it's my brain perceiving something that it's "really there." Because the bacteria is in my central nervous system, when they die and cause inflammatory reactions, well, all kinds of weird stuff happens.

Anyway, the best way I've found to deal with the hot/cold/pain sensation is to provide my brain with overriding sensations. For example, a heating pad (brain perceives heat instead of hot/cold/pain) or a large pile of blankets (brain perceives pressure instead of hot/cold/pain). This doesn't always help, and isn't always practical. So I've found myself relying more on my pain meds.

Finally, I should again like to comment that the Ceftin is perhaps the foulest-tasting substance ON THE PLANET. This morning I emptied one of my quercetin capsules and jammed the Ceftin inside as best I could. That worked well enough, and I was able to take the pill without wanting to burn my tongue and throat with acid. All in all, a positive development.

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