Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Happy birthday to my wonderful husband!

Today is my husband's birthday! To celebrate, we're having a party on Friday night. If you're reading this and you will be in Seattle, you're invited. We'll have cupcakes, booze (but none for me, due to my meds), non-alcoholic drinks, snacks, board games, and all sorts of crazy fun.

I surprised Nick with his present last week. I hadn't meant to, but when I got his present home, I realized that there was absolutely no way I could hide it. See, I got him an HDTV. A 42" HDTV. He's been wanting to upgrade to an HDTV for ages, but it's not something he'd ever get for himself. Particularly since so much of our income is currently devoted to fighting my illness.

Well, I'm a bit of a sneak, and I've been squirreling money away for a while now. And since the economy is in the tank, you can get really good deals on HDTVs. (I was able to get $400 off the standard price.) And, frankly, Nick deserves something good. He works all day, then has to come home and take care of all of the things I used to be able to do (cooking, laundry, blah blah blah). He's got so little free time to enjoy himself, and I'm pretty boring since I usually don't feel good enough to go out and be social. And I figure if all we do together is sit around at home and watch DVDs, well, at least we can do it on a really cool TV.

Anyway, so I get this huge box home and realize that there's NO WAY I can hide this thing. (I had to get my neighbor to help me carry it in from the car.) So I wrapped it (the best I could, since it took two rolls of wrapping paper) and left it sitting in the middle of the floor. Needless to say, Nick was very surprised and very happy. He's been playing with his new toy since.

It makes me do a little happy dance.

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