Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Kicked in the heart

You know how when something intense happens (bad news, a horrible shock) you feel like you've been kicked in the stomach? Well, on Monday I got kicked in the heart.

I was driving on I-5 briefly, and I passed one cattle truck. And then another. I cringed inwardly, hoping they were empty. But then i saw a tuft of brown and white hair in one of the gaps. Knowing what happens during transport, and the agony that awaits these beings, I shuddered.

First I cursed my illness, because I've not been able to be out and active and working to end the oppression of non-human animals.

Then I realized that I wasn't powerless...if nothing else, I could send the cattle some Reiki, for whatever their highest good might be. As soon as I "opened" the Reiki channel, it felt like the energy was being ripped out of my hands. I've never experienced a pull so strong and a need so deep.

The energetic void, the need for healing, was...I don't have words for it.

If you've ever had you hair pulled out by an angry sibling or playground rival, that's how hard the energy was pulled from my hands. Like a drowning man gasping at air.

All of this happened in a second, and I felt a hard kick in the heart. The misery and suffering and need that would pull this much energy. And for what purpose? Momentary pleasure for some person?

There is so much sickness in the world. And so little shame for what we do.

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