Monday, April 27, 2009

Shorn and pierced

Well, not shorn. Not really. But my hair is much shorter now! See, I got a haircut yesterday that didn't thrill me. It just wasn't rocking it for me. So today I got my hair cut again. I told the stylist, "Do whatever you want. Make me look pretty." And then I took my glasses off, making it impossible to see what she was doing.

She told me that she was giving me a "long pixie cut," which turned out to be what I generally think of as an average pixie cut. In other words, it's short. My camera is broken, so I can't take a picture. But it's basically this cut:

And to top off my beauty excursions, I got a labret piercing--just under the center point of my bottom lip. I'd pierced this once before, but the jewelry kept catching on my gums, so I had to take it out. This time, the piercing is closer to the lip and therefore less problematic.

My piercer (Terrie at Pierced Hearts Tattoo) was really nice. I'll probably go back to her when I get my next piercing (eyebrow?). When the needle popped through both layers of skin, she exclaimed, "Wow, you didn't even flinch!" Unsurprising, because a 14-gague needle pushing through lip, flesh, and skin, is a walk in the freaking park compared to a bad Bicillin shot. And in the end, you have a pretty piercing instead of a bruise and a band-aid.

I was really hoping for the post-piercing euphoria that I remember from my other piercings (tongue, lip, nose) and tattoo...but I got nothing. I'm just really sleepy. Can't win them all.

Tomorrow, more fun with needles: IV glutathione.

Update: Nick came home and took a picture of me with his phone. Here I am:

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