Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mr. Pickles

Well, my PICC line (Mr. Pickles) was successfully placed yesterday. I've had two doses (each 2 grams) of Rocephin thus far, and my dressing has been changed.

The medication has been tolerable. Each time I've gotten pretty dizzy after the infusion. Tonight I was really slurring my words for about a half hour, and there were some minor muscle spasms. I'm also really tired. I slept until 3 PM today, and I was ready to go back to bed a few hours ago.

As you may know, the line has a little port that hangs down your arm and can flop around unless you secure it. (This means that I have THE WORLD'S GREATEST CAT TOY coming out of my arm.) The nurse gave me this white mesh cover that's working fine, but it's so boring. I'm thinking about getting some interesting socks and converting them to PICC cozies. Mr. Pickles is a snazzy dresser, you know.

I could also buy arm warmers and pretend to be a hipster. And today I ordered a few pairs of arm sleeves from Hijab Al-Muminat. They come in a variety of colors. I got fuchsia, red, kiwi green, lemon yellow, beige, and brown. Normally they're to be worn to provide modesty for a Muslim women if she's wearing loose or short(er) sleeves. But they look like they'll work wonderfully for my purposes as well!

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