Friday, September 18, 2009

Next Tuesday

I'm scheduled to have my PICC put in next Tuesday. On Wednesday, a nurse from the infusion service will come out to change the dressing and give me the first dose of Rocephin.

So this means that I have until Tuesday to come up with a clever name for my PICC. Because saying "my PICC" or "my line" or "this thing in my arm" is so dull. And it's more fun to name things!

I'm leaning towards naming it "Ivy." Get it? IV? Ivy? I AM SO FUNNY OMG LOL!

Another possibility is "Cathy" (catheter, Cathy, ha ha). Or I could go with something completely unrelated like "Mr. Skippy." But I think Ivy is my favorite idea so far.

However, I am open to suggestions. Anyone got a good name for my PICC?