Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Knock on wood

The last time I posted to say, "I think I might be feeling better," I totally jinxed it and a few days later ended up much worse. So I might be tempting fate here. But...

I think I might be feeling better. Previously I was typically functioning at 20% of normal. I think I'd rate my last week at 25 - 30%. I've been up this high before (never thought I'd think 30% of normal was "good"), and then I crashed. The hope is that someday I climb higher and don't crash, or at least don't crash as hard. And then climb back up.

Of course, 30% is still very limited, and I've learned not to push myself when I am feeling better. But maybe maybe maybe the new combination of medications is fighting off the Lyme and bartonella. And the methadone has, so far, been helpful for the pain. And I'm currently doing two infusions of IV glutathione each week, so I'm keeping my liver and detox functioning happy. And of course the Reiki and other energetic healing has proven invaluable.

Keep your fingers crossed for me.


  1. Fingers crossed for no crashing and continued slow improvement...

  2. Ugh... sounds awful. Those stupid little Lyme bugs just need to all go away!

  3. I see that you are doing glutathione IV infusions as well as receiving energy healing treatments. I am also very interested in energy healing and I have also been taking a supplement that increases glutathione levels. I think you are doing an amazing job of finding good stuff to help your health. My son has a rare immune disorder, so I am always looking for treatments that might help him.

    I wish you well on your healing journey.