Thursday, September 18, 2008

Happy Fun Drink: The Reckoning

I've been avoiding my happy fun drink. I know I should drink it every day, but it's gross and I hate it and I put it off and then it's bedtime and I've already brushed my teeth, so can't I just skip it for today?

I've been using (and avoiding) the "orange" flavor. Today I picked up a bottle of the "berry." Not strawberry. Not blueberry. Not cranberry. Not huckleberry. Just "berry."

Perhaps in honor of the light purple/pink berry drink, my camera decided to put a purple band at the top of my video. Please ignore it.

I'm not sure if the berry is better than the orange, or if it just seems that way because it's different. And I'll come to hate it the way I hate the orange stuff.

My willingness to drink the Happy Fun Drink is not exactly boosted by the constant nausea that's plaguing me. I don't know if it's a side effect of the meds or a sign of a die-off reaction. But I've been nauseated for three weeks. Eating tends to make it worse, but not eating results in hypoglycemia. As I've said before: I am SO MUCH FUN at parties.

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