Wednesday, September 10, 2008

More meds and possibly Lyme disease

I wrote a note to someone regarding my latest meeting with Dr. R on Aug. 27. Rather than re-write it, I've posted the note. Some of it might sound strange because I'm writing to a particular person and not to a general audience, but hey, I've got CFS and can be lazy like that.

August 27:

I tested positive for Chlamydia pneumoniae (this is not the STI chlamydia), which can be a problem for CFS patients. I was also tested for Lyme disease. The Western blot Lyme test was “indeterminate.” The IgG results were positive, and the IgM results were indeterminate, according to the interpretation of the IGeneX lab (which uses different criteria than the CDC).

In response to these tests, Dr. R has prescribed azithromycin, to be taken for three weeks, beginning 8/28. It should clear up the Chlamydia pneumoniae. Also, he thinks that if I do indeed have Lyme, it could cause enough of a die-off that the dead bacteria will be released into my bloodstream, thereby causing my immune system to mount an antibody response, which will then show up on a repeated IgM test. (Lab work to be done on 9/18.)

Dr. R also has prescribed nystatin and diflucan to combat a probable overgrowth of yeast in my intestinal tract. He suspects yeast overgrowth based on symptoms. I began the nystatin on 9/4, and will begin the diflucan on 9/18.

Dr. R warned that both the azithromycin and anti-fungal medications could cause a die-off reaction, which can amplify my current symptoms. This is either happening or I’m simply experiencing nasty side effects. In either case, I definitely feel worse on the medication, but I’m hopeful that it’s an indication that bacteria and yeast are dying off.

Dr. R also prescribed tramadol as needed for pain. I am to continue taking my previously recommended supplements, and add a probiotic, quercetin, and D-ribose. The probiotic is to maintain healthy bacteria during the antibiotic treatment, as well as to help fight off the yeast overgrowth. The quercetin is supposed to help ease die-off reaction symptoms. The D-ribose helps with energy/fatigue.

This means that my meds/supplements currently include: Azithromycin, nystatin, levothyroxine, Yasmin, sertraline, clonazapam, tramadol, B vitamins, a nasty-tasting vitamin drink mix, B12, calcium, vegetarian DHA, iron, vitamin C, vitamin D, N-acetyl-L-cysteine, ashwagandha, probiotics, quercetin, and D-ribose. I have chart posted to the fridge so I remember to take them all, and at the right times of day.

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