Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Just when I thought it was over...

I've been having a rough time on the current round of meds. The die-off reactions have been rather brutal. And while this means that something is dying off and I might get better somewhere down the road, it sucks right now.

Tomorrow, 9/17, was supposed to be my last day on the azithromycin. Then on Thursday, 9/18, I was supposed to get my Lyme IgM antibodies rechecked so we could figure out if some of this is Lyme disease. (My previous IgG was positive; the IgM was indeterminate.) That same day, I start taking the diflucan in addition to the nystatin for intestinal yeast overgrowth. Which will, no doubt, produce even more exciting reactions.

But no. Now I'm supposed to keep taking the azithromycin until the Lyme IgM results come back. Logically I know this is a Good Thing, because I don't want to kill off some of the bacteria and then let the rest grow and multiply and become resistant to antibiotics. But I was kind of looking forward to a teensy-weensy break in the night sweats, nausea, increased cognitive difficulties, blah blah blah. No rest for the wicked. I've got so many pill bottles I can't keep them all straight.

Which is why I have my Super Duper Pill-Minder:

Here's the pills:

After I took the picture, I realized I'd forgotten to include three of the pills because I've just run out and will be getting more tomorrow.

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