Thursday, September 18, 2008

I think I'd prefer Lymon, thanks

So today I went in for lab work, in the hope that we will refine the diagnosis of Lyme disease (or lack thereof). As I've mentioned before, the IGeneX test last month was "indeterminate." The IgG was positive; the IgM was indeterminate. So I've been on antibiotics for three weeks, hoping that when/if the antibiotics kill do their thing, the dead Lymies will show up in my blood stream, causing my immune system to say, "Holy crap! There's something new here!" and then make more antibiodies, which we will then measure.

So we sent off the IgM IGeneX test. In addition, Dr. R ordered a CD57 test, which is also helpful in tracking down the presence (or lack thereof) of Lyme. More info about this test is here.

I'll discover the results in early October. Can I handle the suspense? Tune in next week!

In other news, Nick might have a cold. Which means that I will probably get a cold. Because my immune system is about as functional as one-legged puppy at a football game. (Points to those of you who get the Homestar Runner reference.)

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