Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Flow morphia slow

On Saturday morning, I decided that I had to take a vacation from Sucktown, and I went back on the methadone. Allergies be damned. I couldn't deal with one more sleepless night

Saturday and Sunday night were blissful. I slept. For hours and hours and hours. And then some more. The deep bone pain was gone and I could catch up on all the rest I'd been missing.

Unfortunately, the itching has returned. Still no hives, but it's looking like confirmation that I'm slightly allergic to methadone. But I don't care. I'm going to keep using it until I see my pain management doctor on Friday.

But wait! If I'm all happy and sleeping well and life is roses, why am I blogging at 3:00 AM?

Nightmares. Unrelenting nightmares. After my first hour or so of sleep, I got up and had a tiny bit of chocolate (always good for you). OK. Back to bed. More nightmares. I try to clear the energy in the room. But I keep falling back asleep and into the nightmares.

So I'm blogging, hoping my brain will reboot and I can get some more of that delicious sleep. I plan to spend a little time clearing out my energy field, as well as the bedroom's. Make sure I'm properly grounded and centered before I get back into bed.

Update: Finally got to sleep around 5:00 AM. Slept until 2:45 PM. Was nauseated and dizzy all day. Whee!

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