Friday, January 1, 2010

Beauty queen

The last week has kind of sucked. No. Correction. It's really sucked. Like black hole levels of suck.

I stopped taking the methadone on Dec. 23. I'd broken out in little bumps which I was pretty sure where hives (they didn't itch), so I was fairly confident that I was mildly allergic to the methadone. It took over a week, but the bumps have disappeared.

Of course, this means that I've been using Vicodin for pain management...during the most painful herx I've experienced. Some nights I'd take a couple Vicodin, a couple gabapentin, and extra clonazapam, then get up in a couple of hours to take more Vicodin, and I still couldn't sleep.

To make matters worse, I (stupidly, I realize now) started my new Tindamax prescription in the middle of this herx. Great idea, right? Start a new drug that's likely to provoke it's own herx while I'm already serving as the interim mayor of Sucktown. I'm a genius. Really.

I don't want to get into the unpleasant details, but I only lasted five or six days before I had to stop and get my head together. I took a week's break, and this morning I re-started the Tindamax.

And now I'm a mess again. I just won the Sucktown County beauty pageant. For the talent competition, I curled up on the sofa and cried into a pillow. (And let me just say? Nailed it!)

In a week I see my pain management doctor again, and hopefully I'll get something that both controls the pain and doesn't provoke an allergic reaction. And then in two weeks I'm seeing my LLMD. Because when you're a beauty queen, your dance card fills right up.


  1. You're a beautiful writer.

  2. I found you via a search for Starfish. Just a quick read of part of your say Reiki helped you. I'm a Healing Touch practitioner (like Reiki) and I've taught my partner one technique that never fails to put us both to sleep (both the recipient & practitioner). I have a xerox of the instructions I'd mail you if you're interested.