Saturday, January 16, 2010

I freaked out very very badly

As you may remember, I had a wee bit of difficulty on Tindamax. After my second attempt to start it, on New Year's Day, I collapsed in a puddle of confused neurotransmitters. I thought that maybe--just maybe--this could be the sign of a very powerful die-off reaction (cysts in the brain and all), but I wasn't sure. Given my physical pain level at the time, I decided to stop the Tindamax again, wait until I saw my pain management doctor to get the pain under control, and then see what my LLMD had to say about my reaction to Tindamax. (I was planning to see both doctors within a week of each other anyway.)

I saw my LLMD on Friday. I told him how I reacted to the Tindamax--which was entirely different than I'd reacted to Flagyl, a similar drug--and he suggested that it's highly likely that Tindamax and I are just not compatible. That my extreme emotional walloping was the result of a nasty drug side effect and not a herx (die-off reaction). So no more Tindamax for me. Done.

Since Tindamax was my cyst-killing agent, we needed to plug that gap in my medication regimen. Plaquenil may or may not kill cysts, depending on whose research you read. So I might be covered there. But we're adding the Diflucan back in (there were signs that yeast might be returning anyway), and I'm also starting grapefruit seed extract, which is supposed to help with cyst-killing.

I also asked Dr. R to prescribe another round of IV glutathione, as it seemed to really help last time. I think that my recent lab work is also testament to the glutathione and other liver support I'm doing. I have the lab results of someone who isn't taking any antibiotics, not those of someone on an extended period of of multiple antibiotics. So that is very, very good.

Since it's been a while, we also checked my vitamin B12, vitamin D, and ferritin (iron storage) levels. My B12 was over 2000, while "normal" is between 211 - 911 pg/mL. So suck it, vegan-haters, all claiming that I can't get my B12. Suck. It.

My vitamin D just barely above the minimum of the normal range. Not terribly shocking, since it's a Seattle winter and I've been avoiding too much sun exposure due to the doxycycline. Still, it's a clue that I might want to make sure I continue to supplement, perhaps even increasing from 1000 IU to 2000 IU daily. It is, after all, a dark and cloudy winter in the Emerald City.

Finally, my ferritin level is right in the middle of the normal range for a woman. And I haven't been supplementing with iron for ages--months or maybe even a year. So, again, suck it, vegan-haters. I get my iron. Suck. It.

Every happy lab result is like a little victory.

P.S. Points to those who get the song reference in my post title. I'm the white rabbit.

P.P.S. I still fondly remember the TKK concert at which I was kicked in the face, resulting in the loss of one of the lenses in my glasses. Luckily, my brother was with me and could drive us home. Ah, memories.

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  1. I am so interested in your blog because you are dealing with many of the same issues I am.

    -I'm going to be trying Tindamax soon for cyst-busting. I tend to have bad neurotransmitter reactions to drugs (Flagyl was hell). I guess I should be cautious with Tindamax too.

    Do you think the Diflucan and GSE are very effective with cyst-busting? How do you take the GSE? The drops are gross!

    -I've also had elevated B12 all the times I've checked it, but I don't take any B12 because it makes me feel bad.

    TMG and DMG (which I was not taking until for the last time I checked my B12) make me feel great. Maybe I have methylation issues--something seems to be weird with my B-vitamins.

    -My Vit D was low a long time. Tablets had no effect; only when I started using Vitamin Shoppe Vitamin D drops (10,000 IU a day) did it get up to the normal range. My doctor always congratulates me now, since he says I'm one of his only patients with adequate D levels.

    if you write back, email me - my email address is on my blog.