Tuesday, November 11, 2008

New doctor report

Today I saw my new primary care doctor, Dr. Kneisl, at One Sky Wellness. While I didn't have any pressing medical concerns for her to address (Dr. R is handling my CFS/Lyme care) and therefore cannot completely assess her abilities as a physician, I definitely liked her personality and style. She didn't bat an eye when she saw my Lyme treatment protocol, and said she was really glad I'd found someone who was giving me appropriate treatment for such a complicated disease.

Also, she's worked with First Nations health care, which has given her an interest in and respect for shamanic healing. (Whereas in Oklahoma, the tribal health care centers were staffed with bored, overworked, and generally uncaring doctors who didn't seem to learn anything from the job, other than a contempt for humankind.) She seemed excited when I mentioned my shamanic healer, and she even said she'd recommend her to other patients who were interested.

So, yes, she's very open-minded, but also has a Western medical background, which to me is the best of all worlds.

I'm getting my vitamin D, B12, iron/ferritin, and thyroid levels checked again. It will be good to know where I stand on all those potential problems. (The doc said that 95% of the people she see in Seattle are vitamin D deficient! Yikes!) I think I should be fine on the D, B12, and iron/ferritin; mostly I want to make sure I'm not overdoing it on the D and iron, now that I've been heavily supplementing for a while. I will definitely be interested to see what my thyroid numbers look like now that I'm on meds.

Other news: 1) I'm getting a massage today. Happy dance! 2) No word back from Dr. R yet about new antibiotics, but I should hear from him later today.

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