Sunday, November 9, 2008

An unpleasant weekend

I started taking the Omnicef (new antibiotic for the spirochete form of Lyme bacteria) last Thursday. By this weekend, every joint in my body ached. Last night I woke up at three and couldn't get back to sleep because everything just hurt. I took more Vicodin, but it didn't cut it.

This is likely a die-off reaction as the spirochetes are attacked by the new antibiotic. So it's good that the medication works, but bad that it's painful.

And I'll protect your delicate sensibilities, dear reader, by glossing over the HORRIBLE DISGUSTING TERRIBLY AWFUL intestinal side effects of the drug. Side effects that were severe enough to warrant a call-back from my doctor on a Sunday.

So while the Omnicef was working, I'm supposed to stop taking it. Of course, I got the call about ten minutes after I took my morning dose. Just my luck. Anyway, Dr. R will be back in the office on Tuesday, and he's thinking about what new antibiotic to try instead of the Omnicef.

So now I have a nearly full bottle of Omnicef, along with a matching bottle of Rifampin, both of which I'm not to take any longer. It's frustrating knowing that somebody without medical care could otherwise benefit from these drugs, but I've just got them sitting around in my medicine cabinet. Anyone know if there's a drug donation program? I feel bad just throwing away $250 worth of antibiotics, even if the personal cost to me was a mere $20. (I'm so glad I have insurance. This disease is expensive enough without having to pay full price for the drugs.)

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