Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Yes, we did!

After discovering that The Stranger's election party was filled to capacity, Nick and I made our way to the Georgetown Liquor Company, a bar serving vegetarian fare and, naturally, booze. We watched the election results roll in on the television, and I screamed and clapped and cried along with my fellow Seattlites.

I'm so hyped up right now, I fear I won't get to sleep anytime soon. But it's totally worth it. History has been made, and I can suffer a little tomorrow for staying up too late to watch it.

In addition to the Obama victory, it looks like many of the local races in Seattle and Washington are going as I'd hoped. And the NY Times just called a Yes win on Prop 2 in California! So a good night.

I'm so excited, hopeful, and proud. This is an amazing day. Wow. Just wow.

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