Monday, February 2, 2009

Always be prepared

Hmmm...looking back over the post I started at six this morning when I couldn't's not as coherent as it was in my head. I'm leaving it up, though.

Anyway, tomorrow is The Big Day. I get my first Bicillin injection in the morning. And then, I am told, my butt will hurt for two days. At which point I get another shot. Entering a world of butt hurt.

So today I am preparing. I washed the car, picked up some things at the store, cleaned the house, filled my pill box, and other miscellenaous things that I won't be able to do if Things Get Bad.

And given some of my past herx reactions, things can get very bad indeed. Those of you who have read Cure Unknown or seen Under Our Skin know that with this disease, life often gets a lot worse before it gets better.

It's funny when people ask me how I'm doing, how the treatment is coming. Because it gets worse. And then it might get better. And then it might get worse again. I never know what to expect, where I am in the cycle of healing. So I don't have an answer to their question, at least not one they're expecting. So I just smile and say, "It's a journey."

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