Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My husband shot me

...and he was pretty good at it, too.

I got my first Bicillin LA shot this morning. Dr. R showed Nick how to administer the shot, and then Nick injected me under Dr. R's supervision. My helpful advice: "Just pretend I'm Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction. But instead of my heart, go for my butt."

Anyway, I could barely feel the needle (first plunge = about 1/4 inch, full depth = about 1 inch), and then there was a slow pressure feeling when the thick solution was injected. Afterwards, there was a little soreness at the injection site. But no big deal. Hopefully all of my injections will be this painless. (I don't know if they get worse over time, as you jab the same general area three times a week.)

In other medication news, my insurance company is probably not going to budge on the Levaquin, and is likely to stop covering it entirely (instead of letting me pay the co-pay every 10 days, they'd make me pay full price for the prescription). And that could get pricy, even when ordering from sketchy online pharmacies. So I'm going to finish out my current stock of Levaquin and then switch to Cipro in combination with Bactrim.

The great thing about both Cipro and Bactrim is that, even if my insurance company wants to be a jerk about covering me, I can get a month's supply for $10 at Target, Fred Meyer, etc. And my normal copay is $10. So I'm good. I think I'll probably just go straight to Fred Meyer and bypass insurance. It will give them one less thing to red-flag me for.

Another piece of good news? I was given a box--a full box!--of Bicillin LA by a patient who isn't going to use it. Legal? Maybe not. But for $511/box, I'm damn sure going to take it.

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