Monday, February 16, 2009

This same flower

My very first early spring iris bloomed today, with two others very close behind! And I can see just a spot of color where some crocuses are coming up. Soon the daffodils and tulips and all of the other bulbs I planted will be making themselves known to the world.

I begin with flowers and spring and sunshine to reassure you, my dear reader, that I am not always as gloomy as I appear in my previous post. Occasionally, but not always.

I think my initial herx reaction is slowly easing up. I'm beginning to feel a bit more normal, where "normal" = "normal with Lyme." And hopefully the Bicillin (and my many other drugs) will fight the good fight and one day normal will mean, you know, normal.

As far as the Drug Wars go, I haven't heard anything yet regarding insurance covering my Bicillin shots. But I've got several more weeks' supply, so I'm not worried...yet. And as for the Levaquin, I think I'm going to buy it from a Canadian pharmacy. Their generic price is the same as I'd be paying in co-pays anyway, and it get the insurance company off my back, and I don't have to switch to Cipro and Bactrim. I have yet to order from said Canadian pharmacy, but they look legitimate. They have actual stores in Vancouver, B.C., and they require a prescription, proof of identification, etc., so I don't feel too weird about ordering from their website.


  1. Hi Anna, Gretchen here. Have you looked into Mexican pharmacys? I noticed that some people are using them. I guess they get thier drugs from the same companies that US and Canadian and Etc Etc get them from. Sounds shady I know.

    I just wanted to let you know that I did get an appointment with Dr. Ross. It's March 5th - I was surprised at how quickly they got me in. Thanks so much for the recommendation - they sound really nice and I'm all giddy and then all scared to death all at the same time. Yet another reason to feel psychotic - YAY!

    Take care of you - and drink your water!!!!!! I feel major crappy when I get dehydrated!!!


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