Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Starfish Project

After switching medications last November, I was in possession of two nearly full bottles of prescription drugs--one of Rifampin and one of Omnicef. Both of these drugs are expensive, and there are people in the world who need them and can't afford them. To simply throw away the drugs because I couldn't use them was, in my mind, unethical.

In my case, I was in touch with another Lyme patient who needed the medications, and I gave them to her. (Later, I found myself the recipient of a wonderful gift of a month's Bicillin supply.)

However, most people don't know someone else who needs (and has been prescribed) the exact medication they have sitting, unused, in their medicine cabinet. So I wanted to let you know about The Starfish Project. About them:
The Starfish Project collects the unused "leftover" medication from patients in the United States who have stopped or changed their antiretroviral (ARV) therapy. All drugs have patient identification removed before they are sorted, labeled, and shipped to our partner clinics in Nigeria.

They collect not only ARVs, but also many other medications, such as antibiotics, antifungals, antivirals, etc. Pretty cool, no?

UPDATE 8/4/09: It appears that the Starfish Project is no longer operating. However, Aid for AIDS accepts donations of unused medication.


  1. I contacted them a few months ago on your recommendation and got a nice email reply offering me a starter kit--which I said I wanted, but they never sent it. I even sent a reminder email! Have you actually gotten your donation envelope yet?

  2. Hey

    The website is done, do you guys know if I can contact them.

    And Email or anything?

  3. i found out this project closed down, but the good news are.. there is another organization that are collecting medicine and send it to developing countries as an humanitarian aid. It's called AID FOR AIDS International.

  4. I have a drug I used while on my cancer treatment that I was allergic to. It was arimedex.It is almost a full bottle,what should I do?

  5. I'll take it! Please let me know if it is still available and I will mail you the money for postage.

  6. Can anyone use Tarceva--it's a chemotherapeutic agent, and wildly expensive. My client died before he could use it.

  7. I am also looking for a way to donate my leftover medication. I have nearly a full months supply of heparin, it was VERY expensive. Heparin is an anticoagulant, it thins the blood.

  8. we have unopened excelon patches (9.2 mg) and other medications my Mother was using for her dementia. how/where can i donate these?

  9. i've been trying to find information on prescription medication donation, as well. your state might have a program:

    be aware, too, that some states specifically prohibit the "re-use" of prescription medications. i live in such a wonderful state....

  10. Can anyone use Acyclovir 400mg my husband has 4 bottles of 180 tabs brand new. His Dr. took him of them. + 1opened bottle of Sulfameth generic for Bactrim 400mg 12tabs only. Plus 3flat cases of Atenolo 50mg 90tabs each 2unopened and 1opened 83tabs left.If need email at just pay for S&H.

  11. I have Ranexa, for angina if anyone can use it please email thanks

  12. I have quite a few meds left behind when my mom died about a month ago. I would love to see them be used by someone who needs them and not tossed. The meds include :

    Crestor 10 mg
    Losartan 25 mg
    Lexapro 10 mg
    Cymbalta 20 mg
    Ritalin 5 mg
    Gabapentin 100 mg
    Potassium Chl
    Warfarin Sodium both 4 and 5 mgs

    I also have several lidoderm pain patches that were never used. Please let me know if anyone is needing these by e-mailing me at


  13. Have 20 doses of Vfend IV (antiviral), Lidoderm patches. Not expired..

    Have several doses of Flconozole IV, Klor-Co
    (Expired). Just hate to discard. Someone let me know how they can be reused.....

  14. I have sever bottles of opened medication (baclofen allopurinol valium prednisone fludrocortisone ) Does anyone out there have a need for them